... to heal the broken in North Korea.


Breaking Borders Colophon

Here at Breaking Borders we want to raise funds to support those who are on the ground working with those in need in North Korea. We are doing this by selling mounted prints of photography from around the world, with all the profits going to the work of North Star Aid.

Executive Summary

Breaking Borders has been created to help make a difference in North Korea. A country that has been struck with famine over many years. It provides a way for people to give to a humanitarian aid organisation and yet receive a mounted print, which will encourage them to remember this need.

The entire site is focused around selling these mounted prints. The minimum cost that can be spent on a print is £6.00 (this includes a £1 donation), but the customer can decide how much they want to spend above this, as all profits are being given to North Star Aid.

Breaking-Borders.co.uk has been created through Wordpress as I felt the majority the functionality could be incorporated through this content management system. I created and styled the theme myself using Starkers as a base.

In the future I would like to develop the Breaking-Borders brand and will consider selling a wider variety of products. Such products could be larger prints, posters or canvases. Time will tell where this initial website will lead.

Designer Bio

Breaking-Borders was created by Philip Adams. And that’s me.

I am currently finishing off my degree in Interactive Multimedia Design, which I’ve been studying at the University of Ulster for the past 4 years.

Since my third year placement of this course I have been working part time for VisionSolutionsNI, which has taught me a wide variety of skills, from working with clients to increasing my knowledge of the multimedia industry. It has also helped me develop my skills as a graphic designer and web designer.

Over the past number of years I have begun freelancing my services as well as running a design inspiration website a long side another IMD graduate, Stephen Costello. BestChristianDesign.com is a gallery which showcases the best websites related to Christian churches, ministries, outreaches, and music.

Photography is a passion of mine that influenced my major project and I have had the opportunity to travel around the world taking photographs. My photography skills have benefited from this, therefore I sell a number of my photos on iStockphoto. Traveling has also allowed me to learn more about the world we live in and the responsibility we have to help those in need.

Once I graduate I want to continue challenging my self and continue developing my skills as a designer/photographer.

The Website

I have designed this website from scratch using the Starkers theme in Wordpress. This gave me full control over my design and allowed me to implement all the functionality as I wished.

To give the site a more unique look I decided to use typekit to bring in a font.

When it comes to the shopping element of the website I use an eStore plugin, which gave the functionality needed for this element of breaking-borders.

When displaying photography on a website it is important that each photo can be viewed individually. To do this I used the web-based media viewer application shadowbox.

Vimeo was used to display a number of video’s advertising Breaking Borders. Including the introductory video on the homepage.

The Videos

All the videos related to Breaking Borders were shot and edited by myself.

I used a Canon 550d DSLR to shoot the footage, then used iMovie to do the editing.

I would also like to thank the Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast for allowing me to use their facilities as a studio for filming the videos.

Thank You’s

A number of folks helped get his site off the ground to here’s a shout out to them:

Tim Potter

Christopher Murphy & Nicklas Persson

Stefan Colhoun

Stephen Costello

And Everyone who helped with the testing of the website.