... to heal the broken in North Korea.

Making a difference through the power of a picture.

What are we doing?

Here at Breaking Borders we want to raise funds to support those who are on the ground working with those in need in North Korea. We are doing this by selling mounted prints of photography from around the world, with all the profits going to the work of North Star Aid. Not only do we want to raise support but we also want to raise awareness of the need that there is in this part of the world by displaying our brand on the back of all our mounted prints.

What is North Star Aid?

North Star Aid seeks to serve the people of North Korea. They do this primarily through providing humanitarian aid. They are a registered charity in the province of British Columbia, Canada with partners around the world. North Star Aid responds to needs and invitations to help. They send humanitarian aid in the form of food, medicine, agricultural supplies, bedding and blankets, medical equipment and supplies and other needed goods. They confirm delivery and distribution of all goods sent. They also assist with technical projects and respond to specific requests and invitations as they are able. Find out more.